Calgary Cabinet Painting

pigmented or painted kitchen cabinets, blue and white with white granite countertops

A pigmented finish can create a truly unique look. Many people, even contractors, have an outdated idea of the results that can be achieved with cabinet painting. Today’s finishes are attractive, durable, and with the right colors can serve as the focal point in any room.

Cabinets are everywhere in your clients’ homes and are a major part of any reno or building contract. The kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, storage room, and even built-in closets all have storage cabinetry that needs to look great. These storage spaces are essential to living, but somehow clients only really notice them once they start to show signs of age and wear. It’s sad but true that worn, scuffed and peeling cabinets can completely ruin the look of otherwise pristine spaces.

If you have a contract that requires cabinet painting, you can trust Jeco Custom Wood Finishing to come to your rescue. The client may already have painted cabinets, or they may never have considered cabinet painting as an option. For many of them, cabinet painting conjures images of 1960’s style ugly paint colors applied with smelly oil-based paints. Brush marks, uneven coverage, and thick, dried globs of paint all add to the ugly. But today’s cabinet painting techniques are to those old, ugly cabinets what a shiny new Ferrari is to a rusty Volkswagen. There’s really no comparison.

At Jeco, we use only the highest quality equipment to apply an endless variety of colors and special finishes to old cabinetry. It won’t just look new again. It can completely transform the space it’s in with a new look.

And with today’s durable finishes, you can be assured that even in high wear areas like the kitchen, or high-humidity such as the bathroom or laundry room, the finish will endure for many years.

Calgary Cabinet Painting: Experience, Expertise, Quality

At Jeco Custom Wood Finishing, we have over 20 years of experience in cabinet painting. We have a large, bright, well-ventilated space that we keep spotlessly clean in order to ensure no contaminants will get into the finish. We use only professional-quality equipment and train our personnel to the highest standards. Visit us for a tour of our facilities and to discuss your next project.

All finishing products are of contractor quality and we guarantee our work to your full satisfaction. Our finishing process requires your approval on a sample piece before we begin, and our own inspectors check on your project every step of the way to ensure the best possible final result.

Our Reputation

We all know that Calgary can be a tough market to make it in. Boom years spawn new operators almost overnight, but for every boom, there’s a bust. We’ve endured several of them, and we’re still here. That’s because our clients know they can trust us to do the job right – every time. With an extremely high rating from our Google review customers, plus the quality of our work that you can see for yourself when you visit our showroom, our lasting reputation speaks for itself.

Guaranteed ‘No-Surprises’ Quotes

As long as the job requirements don’t change, our quotes are guaranteed. The price you are quoted is the price you’ll be billed. And satisfaction is also guaranteed. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll redo it at no extra charge.

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